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Identification dataProcessing procedureDefinitions.

Upon the receipt of identification data from criminal justice agencies within this state, the section shall immediately cause the files to be examined and upon request shall promptly return to the contributor of such data a transcript of the record of previous arrests and dispositions of the persons described in the data submitted.
Upon application, the section shall furnish to criminal justice agencies a transcript of the criminal history record information available pertaining to any person of whom the section has a record.
For the purposes of RCW 43.43.700 through 43.43.785 the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
"Criminal history record information" includes, and shall be restricted to identifying data and information recorded as the result of an arrest or other initiation of criminal proceedings and the consequent proceedings related thereto. "Criminal history record information" shall not include intelligence, analytical, or investigative reports and files.
"Criminal justice agencies" are those public agencies within or outside the state which perform, as a principal function, activities directly relating to the apprehension, prosecution, adjudication or rehabilitation of criminal offenders.
The section may refuse to furnish any information pertaining to the identification or history of any person or persons of whom it has a record, or other information in its files and records, to any applicant if the chief determines that the applicant has previously misused information furnished to such applicant by the section or the chief believes that the applicant will not use the information requested solely for the purpose of due administration of the criminal laws or for the purposes enumerated in RCW 43.43.760(4). The applicant may appeal such determination by notifying the chief in writing within thirty days. The hearing shall be before an administrative law judge appointed under chapter 34.12 RCW and in accordance with procedures for adjudicative proceedings under chapter 34.05 RCW.


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