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Examinations for promotion.

Appropriate examinations shall be conducted for the promotion of commissioned patrol officers to the rank of sergeant and lieutenant. The examinations shall be prepared and conducted under the supervision of the chief of the Washington state patrol, who shall cause at least thirty days written notice thereof to be given to all patrol officers eligible for such examinations. The written notice shall specify the expected type of examination and relative weights to be assigned if a combination of tests is to be used. Examinations shall be given once every two years, or whenever the eligible list becomes exhausted as the case may be. After the giving of each such examination a new eligible list shall be compiled replacing any existing eligible list for such rank. Only grades attained in the last examination given for a particular rank shall be used in compiling each eligible list therefor. The chief, or in his or her discretion a committee of three individuals appointed by him or her, shall prepare and conduct the examinations, and thereafter grade and evaluate them in accordance with the following provisions, or factors: For promotion to the rank of sergeant or lieutenant, the examination shall consist of one or more of the following components: (1) Oral examination; (2) written examination; (3) service rating; (4) personnel record; (5) assessment center or other valid tests that measures the skills, knowledge, and qualities needed to perform these jobs. A cutoff score may be set for each testing component that allows only those scoring above the cutoff on one component to proceed to take a subsequent component.
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