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The definitions in this section apply throughout this subchapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Approved plans" means retirement plans offered by private sector financial services firms that meet the requirements of this chapter to participate in the marketplace.
(2) "Balanced fund" means a mutual fund that has an investment mandate to balance its portfolio holdings. The fund generally includes a mix of stocks and bonds in varying proportions according to the fund's investment outlook.
(3) "Eligible employer" means a self-employed individual, sole proprietor, or an employer with fewer than one hundred qualified employees at the time of enrollment.
(4) "Enrollee" means any employee who is voluntarily enrolled in an approved plan offered by an eligible employer through the Washington small business retirement marketplace.
(5) "myRA" means the myRA retirement program administered by the United States department of the treasury that is available to all employers and employees with no fees or no minimum contribution requirements. A myRA is a Roth IRA option and investments in these accounts are backed by the United States department of the treasury.
(6) "Participating employer" means any eligible employer with employees enrolled in an approved plan offered through the Washington small business retirement marketplace who chooses to participate in the marketplace and offers approved plans to employees for voluntary enrollment.
(7) "Private sector financial services firms" or "financial services firms" mean persons or entities licensed or holding a certificate of authority and in good standing by either the department of financial institutions or the office of the insurance commissioner and meeting all federal laws and regulations to offer retirement plans.
(8) "Qualified employee" means those workers who are defined by the federal internal revenue service to be eligible to participate in a specific qualified plan.
(9) "Target date or other similar fund" means a hybrid mutual fund that automatically resets the asset mix of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents in its portfolio according to a selected time frame that is appropriate for a particular investor. A target date is structured to address a projected retirement date.
(10) "Washington small business retirement marketplace" or "marketplace" means the retirement savings program created to connect eligible employers and their employees with approved plans to increase retirement savings.
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