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Keep Washington working statewide work group.

(1) A keep Washington working statewide work group is established within the department. The work group must:
(a) Develop strategies with private sector businesses, labor, and immigrant advocacy organizations to support current and future industries across the state;
(b) Conduct research on methods to strengthen career pathways for immigrants and create and enhance partnerships with projected growth industries;
(c) Support business and agriculture leadership, civic groups, government, and immigrant advocacy organizations in a statewide effort to provide predictability and stability to the workforce in the agriculture industry; and
(d) Recommend approaches to improve Washington's ability to attract and retain immigrant business owners that provide new business and trade opportunities.
(2) The work group must consist of eleven representatives, each serving a term of three years, representing members from geographically diverse immigrant advocacy groups, professional associations representing business, labor organizations with a statewide presence, agriculture and immigrant legal interests, faith-based community nonprofit organizations, legal advocacy groups focusing on immigration and criminal justice, academic institutions, and law enforcement. The terms of the members must be staggered. Members of the work group must select a chair from among the membership. The work group must meet at least four times a year and hold meetings in various locations throughout the state. Following each meeting, the work group must report on its status, including meeting minutes and a meeting summary to the department. The department must provide a report to the legislature annually.
(3) In addition to the duties and powers described in RCW 43.330.040, it is the director's duty to provide support to the work group.
(4) The definitions in RCW 43.17.420 apply to this section.


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