Chapter 43.216 RCW



43.216.015Department of children, youth, and familiesCreatedDutiesAgency performance dataOversight board for children, youth, and familiesPowers and restrictionsStakeholder meetings.
43.216.020Department duties.
43.216.022Annual quality assurance report.
43.216.030Secretary's authority.
43.216.035Office of innovation, alignment, and accountabilityDuties and focus.
43.216.040Family services and programsAdministration.
43.216.045Advisory committees or councilsTravel expenses.
43.216.050Evaluation and research materials and data on private nonprofit group homesAvailability.
43.216.055Federal and state cooperationRulesConstruction.
43.216.060Policies to support children of incarcerated parents.
43.216.065Private-public partnershipSecretary's duties.
43.216.070Reports to the governor and legislature.
43.216.075Early learning advisory councilPolicy development and implementationEarly achievers review subcommittee.
43.216.080Integration with other entities.
43.216.085Early achievers programQuality rating and improvement system.
43.216.087Early achievers programParticipation of culturally diverse and low-income center and family home child care providers.
43.216.089Early achievers programFinal reportMitigation plan for areas not achieving required rating levelsData availabilityReports.
43.216.090Early achievers programContracting for mental health consultants to assist in serving children with challenging behavior and expulsion issues and severe behavioral needsReport to legislature and governor.
43.216.091Early achievers programAdministrative policiesRating and rerating.
43.216.092Early achievers programAdministrative policiesVarious.
43.216.100Community information and involvement planInforming home-based, tribal, and family early learning providers of early achievers program.
43.216.105Native language development and retentionDual language learningRules.
43.216.110Core competencies for early care and education professionals and child and youth development professionalsAdoption and implementationUpdating.
43.216.115Partnership responsibilitiesDepartment's dutiesPartnership's duties.
43.216.120Reduction of barriers for using local or private funds for early learning opportunities.
43.216.125Parental notification of report alleging sexual misconduct or abuseNotice of parental rights.
43.216.130Home visiting services accountPurposeAdministrationFunding.
43.216.135Child care providersSubsidy requirementsTiered reimbursementsCopayments.
43.216.136Working connections child care programEligibility.
43.216.1365Working connections child care programEligibility.
43.216.137Working connections child care programUnemployment compensation.
43.216.139Working connections child care programNotification of change in providers.
43.216.141Working connections child care programStandards and guidelinesDuties of the department.
43.216.143Working connections child care programContracted child care slots and vouchers.
43.216.145Working connections child careEligibility of high school students.
43.216.155Home visitation programsFindingsIntent.
43.216.157Home visitation programsDefinitions.
43.216.159Home visitation programsFundingHome visitation services coordination or consolidation plan.
43.216.165Early start account.
43.216.170Applicants for positions with the departmentInvestigation and background checks.
43.216.180Education of students in the custody of juvenile rehabilitation facilitiesDutiesCreation of a comprehensive plan.
43.216.190Assistance with submission of Washington state identicard application materials.
43.216.250Secretary's licensing duties.
43.216.255Licensing standards.
43.216.260Minimum requirements for licensure.
43.216.265Fire protectionPowers and duties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
43.216.270Character, suitability, and competence to provide child care and early learning servicesFingerprint criminal history record checksBackground check clearance card or certificateShared background checks.
43.216.271Background check clearance registryBackground application form.
43.216.272Fee for developing and administering individual-based/portable background check clearance registry.
43.216.273Individual-based/portable background check clearance account.
43.216.280Licensed day care centersNotice of pesticide use.
43.216.285Articles of incorporation.
43.216.290Access to agenciesRecords inspection.
43.216.295License required.
43.216.300License fees.
43.216.305License applicationNonexpiring licensesIssuance, renewal, transfer, duration.
43.216.310License renewal.
43.216.315Initial licenses.
43.216.320Probationary licenses.
43.216.325LicensesDenial, suspension, revocation, modification, nonrenewalProceedingsPenalties.
43.216.327LicensesDenial, revocation, suspension, or modificationNoticeEffective date of actionAdjudicative proceeding.
43.216.335Civil finesNoticeAdjudicative proceeding.
43.216.340Licensure pending compliance with state building code, chapter 19.27 RCWConsultation with local officials.
43.216.345Adjudicative proceedingsTraining for administrative law judges.
43.216.350License or certificate suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
43.216.355Actions against agencies.
43.216.360Unlicensed providersNotification to agencyPenaltyPosting on web site.
43.216.365Operating without a licensePenalty.
43.216.370Negotiated rule making.
43.216.375Negotiated rule makingStatewide unit of family child care licenseesAntitrust immunity, intent.
43.216.380Minimum licensing requirementsWindow blind pull cords.
43.216.385ReportingActions against agency licenseesAgencies notified of licensing requirementPosting on web site.
43.216.390Reporting resignation or termination of individual working in child care agency.
43.216.395Child care facility licensing compliance agreementsInternal review processDefinitionsFinal reviewFirst-time violators.
43.216.510Admission and funding.
43.216.512Expanded enrollmentRisk factorsParticipation in other programs.
43.216.514Enrollment priority.
43.216.515Eligible providersState-funded supportRequirementsData collectionPathways to early childhood education and assistance program.
43.216.520Advisory committee.
43.216.530Review of applications.
43.216.540State supportPrioritiesProgram funding levels.
43.216.545Reimbursement of advisory committee expenses.
43.216.550Authority to solicit gifts, grants, and support.
43.216.555Early learning programVoluntary preschool opportunitiesProgram standardsPrioritizing programsRules.
43.216.556Early learning programFunding and statewide implementation.
43.216.559Early learning programShort title2010 c 231.
43.216.565FindingsIntentEarly start program.
43.216.570Early intervention servicesFindings.
43.216.572Early intervention servicesInfants and toddlers with disabilitiesInteragency coordinating councilConditions and limitations.
43.216.574Early intervention servicesInfants and toddlers with disabilitiesInteragency coordinating councilCoordination with counties and communities.
43.216.576Early intervention servicesInteragency agreements.
43.216.578Birth to three early childhood education and assistance programPilot projectReports.
43.216.580Early intervention servicesFunding.
43.216.650Child fatality reviews.
43.216.655Data collection and program evaluationReports.
43.216.660Child care servicesDeclaration of policy.
43.216.665Child care workersFindingsIntent.
43.216.670Child care provider rules review.
43.216.675Child care workersCareer and wage ladder.
43.216.680Child care workersCareer and wage ladderWage increases.
43.216.685Child day care centers, family day care providersToll-free information number.
43.216.687Child day care centers, family day care providersRequired postingsDisclosure of complaints.
43.216.689Child day care centers, family day care providersPublic access to reports and enforcement action notices.
43.216.690Child day care centersImmunization.
43.216.695County regulation of family day-care centersTwelve-month pilot projects.
43.216.700Day care insurance.
43.216.705Child care providersTiered-reimbursement systemPilot sites.
43.216.710Child care services.
43.216.715Child care partnership employer liaison.
43.216.720Child care expansion grant fund.
43.216.725Subsidized child care report and assessment.
43.216.730Child care subsidy fraudReferralCollection of overpayments.
43.216.735Placement of children ages sixty months through six years.
43.216.740Outdoor, nature-based early learning and child care programsPilot projectReports.
43.216.745Child care consultation programCreation, operation, and duties.
43.216.749Child care subsidy ratesUse of cost model.
43.216.750Child welfare workersDepartment dutiesTechnical work group to develop workload modelAnnual report to legislature.
43.216.7501Child welfare workWorkplace culture and worker training reportsTraining improvement plan.
43.216.755Child care providersCommunity-based training pathway.
43.216.760Child care and early learning providersFirearms, dangerous weapons.
43.216.762Child care and early learning providersFirearms, dangerous weaponsRules.
43.216.900Early childhood education and assistance programShort title1985 c 418.
43.216.901ContingencyEffective date1985 c 418.
43.216.902Effective date2006 c 265.
43.216.903ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
43.216.904Short title2015 3rd sp.s. c 7.
43.216.905Transfer of powers, duties, and functions of the department of early learning.
43.216.906Transfer of child welfare provisions from the department of social and health services.
43.216.907Transfer of juvenile justice services provisions from the department of social and health services.
43.216.908Conflict with federal requirements2017 3rd sp.s. c 6.
43.216.909Transfer of working connections child care and seasonal child care programs from the department of social and health services.