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State residential schoolsLiability for costs of servicesLimitation.

The estates of all mentally or physically deficient persons who have been admitted to the state residential schools listed in *RCW 72.33.030 either by application of their parents or guardian or by commitment of court, or who may hereafter be admitted or committed to such institutions, shall be liable for their per capita costs of care, support and treatment: PROVIDED, That the estate funds may not be reduced as a result of such liability below an amount as set forth in *RCW 72.33.180.


*Reviser's note: RCW 72.33.030 and 72.33.180 were repealed by 1988 c 176 § 1007. See Title 71A RCW. The term "residential schools" was changed to "residential habilitation centers" by 1988 c 176.
Effective date1967 c 141: See note following RCW 43.20B.410.
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