Chapter 43.185A RCW



HTMLPDF 43.185A.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.020Affordable housing programPurposeInput.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.040Eligible organizations.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.060Protection of state interest.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.070Monitor recipient activities.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.130Washington housing trust fund.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.140Use of moneys for loans and grant projects to provide affordable housingEligible activities.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.150Notice of grant and loan application periodPrioritiesCriteria for evaluation.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.160Remittances from real estate broker trust account interestGrant and loan applications.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.170Preconstruction technical assistance.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.180Grants and loans for major building improvements, preservation repairs, and system replacements.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.190ReportsCost data.
HTMLPDF 43.185A.902Conflict with federal requirements1991 c 356.