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Written complaint to deny, suspend, or revoke peace or corrections officer certification—Immunity of complainant.

(1) Any individual may submit a written complaint to the commission stating that an officer's certificate should be denied, suspended, or revoked, and specifying the grounds for the complaint. Filing a complaint does not make a complainant a party to the commission's action.
(2) The commission has sole discretion whether to investigate a complaint, and the commission has sole discretion whether to investigate matters relating to certification, denial of certification, or revocation of certification on any other basis, without restriction as to the source or the existence of a complaint. All complaints must be resolved with a written determination, regardless of the decision to investigate.
(3) The commission may initiate an investigation in any instance where there is a pattern of complaints or other actions that may not have resulted in a formal adjudication of wrongdoing, but when considered together demonstrate conduct that would constitute a violation of RCW 43.101.105 (2) or (3). The commission must consider the agency's policies and procedures and the officer's job duties and assignment in determining what constitutes a pattern.
(4) A person who files a complaint in good faith under this section is immune from suit or any civil action related to the filing or the contents of the complaint.
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