Chapter 42.45 RCW



HTMLPDF 42.45.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 42.45.020Authority to perform notarial act.
HTMLPDF 42.45.030Certain notarial actsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 42.45.040Personal appearance.
HTMLPDF 42.45.050Identification of individual.
HTMLPDF 42.45.060Refusal to perform notarial act.
HTMLPDF 42.45.070Individual unable to signSignature.
HTMLPDF 42.45.080Notarial act in this state.
HTMLPDF 42.45.090Notarial act in another stateEffect in this state.
HTMLPDF 42.45.100Notarial act under authority of federally recognized Indian tribe.
HTMLPDF 42.45.110Notarial act under federal authority.
HTMLPDF 42.45.120Foreign notarial act.
HTMLPDF 42.45.130Certificate of notarial act.
HTMLPDF 42.45.140Short form certificates.
HTMLPDF 42.45.150Official stamp.
HTMLPDF 42.45.160Stamping deviceSecurity.
HTMLPDF 42.45.170Fees.
HTMLPDF 42.45.180Journal.
HTMLPDF 42.45.190Notarial acts on electronic recordsTechnologyNotificationStandards.
HTMLPDF 42.45.200CommissionQualificationsOathSurety bondCommission termElectronic records notary public.
HTMLPDF 42.45.210Grounds to deny, refuse to renew, revoke, suspend, or condition commission of notary public.
HTMLPDF 42.45.220Database of notaries public.
HTMLPDF 42.45.230Prohibited acts.
HTMLPDF 42.45.240Validity of notarial acts.
HTMLPDF 42.45.250Rules.
HTMLPDF 42.45.260Commissions in effect July 1, 2018Continuation.
HTMLPDF 42.45.270Uniform regulation of business and professions actApplication.
HTMLPDF 42.45.280Electronic records notary public.
HTMLPDF 42.45.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 42.45.901Application.
HTMLPDF 42.45.902Savings.
HTMLPDF 42.45.903ApplicationConstruction.
HTMLPDF 42.45.904Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
HTMLPDF 42.45.905Effective date2017 c 281.