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Local programs authorized.

Local governments may develop and adopt programs for the purpose of jointly funding, from public and private sources, transportation improvements necessitated in whole or in part by economic development and growth within their respective jurisdictions. Local governments shall adopt the programs by ordinance after notice and public hearing. Each program shall contain the elements described in this section.
(1) The program shall identify the geographic boundaries of the entire area or areas generally benefited by the proposed off-site transportation improvements and within which transportation impact fees will be imposed under this chapter.
(2) The program shall be based on an adopted comprehensive, long-term transportation plan identifying the proposed off-site transportation improvements reasonable and necessary to meet the future growth needs of the designated plan area and intended to be covered by this joint funding program, including acquisition of right-of-way, construction and reconstruction of all major and minor arterials and intersection improvements, and identifying design standards, levels of service, capacities, and costs applicable to the program. The program shall also indicate how the transportation plan is coordinated with applicable transportation plans for the region and for adjacent jurisdictions. The program shall also indicate how public transportation and ride-sharing improvements and services will be used to reduce off-site transportation impacts from development.
(3) The program shall include at least a six-year capital funding program, updated annually, identifying the specific public sources and amounts of revenue necessary to pay for that portion of the cost of all off-site transportation improvements contained in the transportation plan that will not foreseeably be funded by transportation impact fees. The program shall include a proposed schedule for construction and expenditures of funds. The funding plan shall consider the additional local tax revenue estimated to be generated by new development within the plan area if all or a portion of the additional revenue is proposed to be earmarked as future appropriations for such off-site transportation improvements.
(4) The program shall authorize transportation impact fees to be imposed on new development within the plan area for the purpose of providing a portion of the funding for reasonable and necessary off-site transportation improvements to solve the cumulative impacts of planned growth and development in the plan area. Off-site transportation impacts shall be measured as a pro rata share of the capacity of the off-site transportation improvements being funded under the program. The fees shall not exceed the amount that the local government can demonstrate is reasonably necessary as a direct result of the proposed development.
(5) The program shall provide that the funds collected as a result of a particular new development shall be used in substantial part to pay for improvements mitigating the impacts of the development or be refunded to the property owners of record. Fees paid toward more than one transportation improvement may be pooled and expended on any one of the improvements mitigating the impact of the development. The funds shall be expended in all cases within six years of collection by the local government or the unexpended funds shall be refunded.
(6) The program shall also describe the formula, timing, security, credits, and other terms and conditions affecting the amount and method of payment of the transportation impact fees as further provided for in RCW 39.92.040. In calculating the amount of the fee, local government shall consider and give credit for the developer's participation in public transportation and ride-sharing improvements and services.
(7) The administrative element of the program shall include: An opportunity for administrative appeal by the developer and hearing before an independent examiner of the amount of the transportation impact fee imposed; establishment of a designated account for the public and private funds appropriated or collected for the transportation improvements identified in the plan; methods to enforce collection of the public and private funds identified in the program; designation of the administrative departments or other entities responsible for administering the program, including determination of fee amounts, transportation planning, and construction; and provisions for future amendment of the program including the addition of other off-site transportation improvements. The program shall not be amended in a manner to relieve local government of any contractual obligations made to prior developers.
(8) The program shall provide that private transportation impact fees shall not be collected for any off-site transportation improvement that is incapable of being reasonably carried out because of lack of public funds or other foreseeable impediment.
(9) The program shall provide that no transportation impact fee may be imposed on a development by local government pursuant to this program when mitigation of the same off-site transportation impacts for the development is being required by any government agency pursuant to any other local, state, or federal law.
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