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Chapter 36.70B RCW



HTMLPDF 36.70B.010Findings and declaration.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.030Project reviewRequired elementsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.040Determination of consistency.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.050Local government review of project permit applications requiredObjectives.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.060Local governments planning under the growth management act to establish integrated and consolidated project permit processRequired elements.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.070Project permit applicationsDetermination of completenessNotice to applicant.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.080Development regulationsRequirementsReport on implementation costs.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.100Designation of person or entity to receive determinations and notices.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.110Notice of applicationRequired elementsIntegration with other review proceduresAdministrative appeals.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.120Permit review process.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.130Notice of decisionDistribution.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.140Project permits that may be excluded from review.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.150Local governments not planning under the growth management act may use provisions.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.160Additional project review encouragedConstruction (as amended by 2023 c 333).
HTMLPDF 36.70B.160Additional project review encouragedAdditional measures for certain jurisdictionsConstruction (as amended by 2023 c 338).
HTMLPDF 36.70B.170Development agreementsAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.180Development agreementsEffect.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.190Development agreementsRecordingParties and successors bound.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.200Development agreementsPublic hearing.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.210Development agreementsAuthority to impose fees not extended.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.220Permit assistance staff.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.230Planning regulationsCopies provided to county assessor.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.240Consolidated permit review grant program.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.241Permit review process update grant program.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.245Technical assistance to local governments.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.250Data reporting template.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.260Electricity projectsProhibition on demonstration of need.
HTMLPDF 36.70B.900FindingSeverabilityPart headings and table of contents not law1995 c 347.