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Findings of county commissionersDismissal of proceedings, limitation on subsequent initiation.

At the conclusion of a hearing, the board of county commissioners shall make the following findings:
(1) Whether or not the service area's objectives fit within the general framework of the county's comprehensive park plan and general park policies.
(2) The exact boundaries of the service area: The board shall be empowered to modify the boundaries as originally defined in the petition or resolution initiating the proposed service area: PROVIDED, That the boundaries of the service area may not be enlarged unless the property owners within the area to be added consent to their inclusion in writing; or unless the board gives the property owners of the area to be added, written notice, mailed to their regular permanent residences as shown on the latest records of the county auditor, five days prior to a regular or continued hearing upon the formation of the proposed service area.
(3) A full definition or explanation of the nature of improvements or services to be financed by the proposed service area.
(4) Whether or not the objectives of the service area are feasible.
(5) The number or name of the service area.
If satisfactory findings cannot be made by the board, the petition or resolution shall be dismissed, and no petition or resolution embracing the same area may be accepted or heard for at least two years.
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