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ApplicationNotice of hearing.

On application being made to the county legislative authority for franchise, it shall fix a time and place for hearing the same, and shall cause the county auditor to give public notice thereof at the expense of the applicant, by posting notices in three public places in the county seat of the county at least fifteen days before the day fixed for the hearing. The county legislative authority shall also publish a like notice two times in the official newspaper of the county, the last publication to be not less than five days before the day fixed for the hearing. The notice shall state the name or names of the applicant or applicants, a description of the county roads by reference to section, township and range in which the county roads or portions thereof are physically located, to be included in the franchise for which the application is made, and the time and place fixed for the hearing.
[ 1985 c 469 § 49; 1963 c 4 § 36.55.040. Prior: 1961 c 55 § 3; prior: 1937 c 187 § 38, part; RRS § 6450-38, part.]
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