Chapter 36.28A RCW



36.28A.020Local law and justice plan assistance.
36.28A.030Hate crime offensesInformation reporting and dissemination.
36.28A.040Statewide city and county jail booking and reporting systemStandards committeeStatewide automated victim information and notification systemStatewide unified sex offender notification and registration programLiability immunity.
36.28A.0401Statewide automated victim information and notification systemVendor services.
36.28A.0402Statewide automated victim information and notification systemDepartment of corrections data.
36.28A.050Statewide city and county jail booking and reporting systemGrant fund.
36.28A.080Immunity from liability.
36.28A.090Firearms certificates for qualified retired law enforcement officers.
36.28A.100Committee to improve administration of missing person informationProtocol endorsement.
36.28A.110Missing persons information web site creation.
36.28A.112Missing persons information web siteTransmittal of information to the national missing and unidentified persons system.
36.28A.120State patrol involvement with missing persons systemsLocal law enforcement procedures for missing persons information.
36.28A.130Washington auto theft prevention authorityCreated.
36.28A.140Development of model policy to address property access during forest fires and wildfires.
36.28A.200Gang crime enforcement grant program.
36.28A.210Graffiti and tagging abatement grant program.
36.28A.220Grant programsEffectiveness evaluations.
36.28A.230Registered sex offender and kidnapping offender address and residency verification grant program.
36.28A.240Metal theft grant program.
36.28A.30024/7 sobriety program.
36.28A.32024/7 sobriety account.
36.28A.33024/7 sobriety program definitions.
36.28A.34024/7 sobriety programCounties or cities may participate.
36.28A.35024/7 sobriety programBond or pretrial release.
36.28A.36024/7 sobriety programWashington association of sheriffs and police chiefs may adopt policies and procedures.
36.28A.37024/7 sobriety accountDistribution of funds.
36.28A.38024/7 sobriety programNo waiver or reduction of fees.
36.28A.39024/7 sobriety programViolation of termsPenalties.
36.28A.400Denied firearm transaction reporting systemPurge of denial records upon subsequent approvalPublic disclosure exemptionDestruction of information.
36.28A.405Denied firearm transaction informationAnnual report.
36.28A.410Statewide automated protected person notification systemNotification requirementsImmunity from civil liabilityPublic disclosure exemption.
36.28A.420Illegal firearm transaction investigation grant programRequirementsPublic disclosure exemption.
36.28A.430Sexual assault kit initiative projectDefinitions.
36.28A.435Sexual assault prevention and response account.
36.28A.440Mental health field response grant program.
36.28A.445Duty to render first aidDevelopment of guidelines.
36.28A.450Grant programTherapeutic interventions for certain criminal justice system involved personsReportCivil liability.