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Copying, preserving, and indexing documents.

Each county auditor is hereby authorized to provide for the installation and thereafter for the maintenance of an improved system for copying, preserving, and indexing documents recorded in the county. Such a system may utilize the latest technology including, but not limited to, photomicrographic and computerized electronic digital storage methodology. The initial installation of the improved system shall include the following:
(1) The acquisition, installation, operation, and maintenance of the equipment provided for in the definition above; and
(2) The establishment of procedures for the continued preservation, indexing, and filing of all instruments and records that will, after the effective installation date, constitute a part of the improved system.


Findings1989 c 204: "The legislature, finding in this centennial year that many old documents recorded or filed with county officials are deteriorating due to age and environmental degradation and that such documents require preservation in the public interest before they are irreparably damaged, enacts the centennial document preservation act of 1989." [ 1989 c 204 s 1.]
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