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Municipal authority.

After approval of the comprehensive plan in accordance with provisions of this chapter, the legislative body, in developing the municipality and in regulating the use of land, may implement or give effect to the comprehensive plan or parts thereof by ordinance or other action to such extent as the legislative body deems necessary or appropriate. Such ordinances or other action may provide for:
(1) Adoption of an official map and regulations relating thereto designating locations and requirements for one or more of the following: Streets, parks, public buildings, and other public facilities, and protecting such sites against encroachment by buildings and other physical structures.
(2)(a)(i) Dividing the municipality, or portions thereof, into appropriate zones within which specific standards, requirements, and conditions may be provided for regulating: The use of public and private land, buildings, and structures; the location, height, bulk, number of stories, and size of buildings and structures; size of yards, courts, and open spaces; density of population; ratio of land area to the area of buildings and structures; setbacks; area required for off-street parking; protection of access to direct sunlight for solar energy systems; and such other standards, requirements, regulations, and procedures as are appropriately related thereto.
(ii) Eliminating the minimum gross floor area requirements for single-family detached dwellings or reducing the requirements below the minimum performance standards and objectives contained in the state building code.
(b) The ordinance encompassing the matters of this subsection (2) is hereinafter called the "zoning ordinance." No zoning ordinance, or amendment thereto, shall be enacted by the legislative body without at least one public hearing, notice of which shall be given as set forth in RCW 35A.63.070. Such hearing may be held before the planning agency or the board of adjustment or such other body as the legislative body shall designate.
(3) Adoption of design standards, requirements, regulations, and procedures for the subdivision of land into two or more parcels, including, but not limited to, the approval of plats, dedications, acquisitions, improvements, and reservation of sites for public use.
(4) Scheduling public improvements on the basis of recommended priorities over a period of years, subject to periodic review.
(5) Such other matters as may be otherwise authorized by law or as the legislative body deems necessary or appropriate to effectuate the goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan or parts thereof and the purposes of this chapter.


Severability1979 ex.s. c 170: See note following RCW 64.04.140.
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