Chapter 35.92 RCW



35.92.010Authority to acquire and operate waterworksGeneration of electricityClassification of services for rates.
35.92.012May accept and operate water-sewer district's property when boundaries are identical.
35.92.014Acquisition of out-of-state waterworks.
35.92.015Acquisition of out-of-state waterworksJoint acquisition and operation.
35.92.017Authority to assist customers in the acquisition of water conservation equipmentLimitations.
35.92.020Authority to acquire and operate sewerage and solid waste handling systems, plants, sites, or facilitiesClassification of services and facilities for ratesAssistance for low-income persons.
35.92.021Public property subject to rates and charges for stormwater control facilities.
35.92.023Solid wasteCompliance with chapter 70A.205 RCW required.
35.92.025Authority to make charges for connecting to water or sewerage systemInterest charges.
35.92.027Extension of water and sewer facilities outside city subject to review by boundary review board.
35.92.030Authority to acquire and operate stone or asphalt plants.
35.92.040Authority to acquire and operate public markets and cold storage plants"Public markets" defined.
35.92.050Authority to acquire and operate utilities.
35.92.052First-class cities operating electrical facilitiesParticipation in agreements to use or own high voltage transmission facilities and other electrical generating facilitiesTermsLimitations.
35.92.054May acquire electrical distribution property from public utility district.
35.92.060Authority to acquire and operate transportation facilities.
35.92.075Indebtedness incurred on credit of expected utility revenues.
35.92.080General obligation bonds.
35.92.090Limit of indebtedness.
35.92.100Revenue bonds or warrants.
35.92.105Revenue bonds, warrants, or other evidences of indebtedness for energy or water conservation programs.
35.92.110Funding or refunding bonds.
35.92.120Funding or refunding bondsBonds not general obligation.
35.92.130Funding or refunding bondsSingle issue may refund multiple series.
35.92.140Funding or refunding bondsIssuance of bondsOrdinance.
35.92.150Funding or refunding bondsTerms of bonds.
35.92.160Funding or refunding bondsRecourse of bond owners.
35.92.170City may extend water system outside limits.
35.92.180City may extend water system outside limitsMay acquire property outside city.
35.92.190City may extend water system outside limitsCannot condemn irrigation system.
35.92.200City may extend water system outside limitsContracts for outside service.
35.92.220Acquisition of water rightsConsolidation of irrigation assessment districts.
35.92.230Acquisition of water rightsSpecial assessments.
35.92.240Acquisition of water rightsLevy of assessments.
35.92.250Acquisition of water rightsDistrict property need not be contiguous.
35.92.260Acquisition of water rightsMode of assessment.
35.92.263Acquisition of water rightsWater rights acquired by purchase of shares in water users' association or corporationAuthority to acquire and hold shares.
35.92.265Acquisition of water rightsExisting local improvement districts validatedDebts, obligations, assessments, etc., declared legal and valid.
35.92.270Passenger transportation systemsAuthority to make studiesContracts with and acquisition of privately owned systems.
35.92.275Assumption of obligations of private pension plan when urban transportation system acquired.
35.92.280Cities over one hundred fifty thousand, joint undertaking with P.U.D. as to electric utility properties"Electric utility properties" defined.
35.92.290Cities over one hundred fifty thousand, joint undertaking with P.U.D. as to electric utility propertiesAgreements.
35.92.300Cities over one hundred fifty thousand, joint undertaking with P.U.D. as to electric utility propertiesFinancing.
35.92.310Cities over one hundred fifty thousand, joint undertaking with P.U.D. as to electric utility propertiesAuthority granted is additional power.
35.92.350Electrical construction or improvementBid proposalsContract proposal formsConditions for issuanceRefusalAppeal.
35.92.355Energy conservationLegislative findingsTree plantings.
35.92.360Energy conservation planFinancing authorized for energy conservation projects in structures or equipmentLimitations.
35.92.365Tariff for irrigation pumping serviceAuthority to buy back electricity.
35.92.370Lease of real property under electrical transmission lines for private gardening purposes.
35.92.380Waiver or delay of collection of tap-in charges, connection or hookup fees for low income persons.
35.92.390Municipal utilities encouraged to provide customers with landscaping information and to request voluntary donations for urban forestry.
35.92.395Voluntary donations for purpose of supporting hunger programs.
35.92.400Provision of water services and facilitiesContract with Canadian corporation.
35.92.410Provision of sewer services and facilitiesContract with Canadian corporation.
35.92.420Purchase of electric power and energy from joint operating agency.
35.92.430Environmental mitigation activities.
35.92.440Production and distribution of biodiesel, ethanol, and ethanol blend fuelsCrop purchase contracts for dedicated energy crops.
35.92.450Electrification of transportation planConsiderationsIncentive programs.
35.92.460Utility fee or taxDisclosure.


Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
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Electrical utilities and facilities owned by cities, support for political subdivisions and taxing districts: RCW 35.21.420 through 35.21.440.
Hydroelectric resources, creation of separate legal authority by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts: RCW 87.03.825 through 87.03.840.
Joint development of nuclear, thermal power facilities: Chapter 54.44 RCW.
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