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ElectionCreation of districtBridge loan, line of credit.

If a majority of the voters voting on the ballot proposition authorizing the creation of the metropolitan park district vote in favor of the formation of a metropolitan park district, the metropolitan park district must be created as a municipal corporation effective immediately upon certification of the election results and its name must be that designated in the ballot proposition. When an ex officio treasurer of a metropolitan park district is a city or county treasurer, the treasurer may provide a bridge loan or line of credit to the newly formed metropolitan park district until such time as the district has received sufficient levy proceeds to pay for the maintenance and operations of the metropolitan park district.
[ 2017 c 215 s 6; 2002 c 88 s 4; 1965 c 7 s 35.61.040. Prior: 1943 c 264 s 3, part; Rem. Supp. 1943 s 6741-3, part; prior: 1909 c 131 s 2; 1907 c 98 s 3, part; RRS s 6722, part.]
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