Chapter 35.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.10.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 35.10.203Purpose.
HTMLPDF 35.10.207"City" defined.
HTMLPDF 35.10.217Methods for annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.240AnnexationCanvass of votes.
HTMLPDF 35.10.265AnnexationWhen effectiveOrdinance.
HTMLPDF 35.10.300Disposition of property and assets following consolidation or annexation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.310Assets and liabilities of component citiesTaxation to pay claims.
HTMLPDF 35.10.315Adoption of final budget and levy of property taxes.
HTMLPDF 35.10.317Receipt of state funds.
HTMLPDF 35.10.320Continuation of ordinances.
HTMLPDF 35.10.331Unassumed indebtedness.
HTMLPDF 35.10.350Cancellation, acquisition of franchise or permit for operation of public service business in territory annexed.
HTMLPDF 35.10.360AnnexationTransfer of fire department employees.
HTMLPDF 35.10.365AnnexationTransfer of fire department employeesRights and benefits.
HTMLPDF 35.10.370AnnexationTransfer of fire department employeesNoticeTime limitation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.400Consolidation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.410ConsolidationSubmission of ballot proposalInitiation by resolution of legislative body.
HTMLPDF 35.10.420ConsolidationSubmission of ballot proposalInitiation by petition.
HTMLPDF 35.10.430ConsolidationForm of government.
HTMLPDF 35.10.440ConsolidationAssumption of general obligation indebtedness.
HTMLPDF 35.10.450ConsolidationPublic meetings on proposalRole of boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 35.10.460ConsolidationBallot questions.
HTMLPDF 35.10.470ConsolidationCanvass of votes.
HTMLPDF 35.10.480ConsolidationElections of officialsEffective date of consolidation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.490ConsolidationName of city.
HTMLPDF 35.10.500ConsolidationCosts of election and public meetings.
HTMLPDF 35.10.510ConsolidationTransfer of fire department employees.
HTMLPDF 35.10.520ConsolidationTransfer of fire department employeesRights and benefits.
HTMLPDF 35.10.530ConsolidationTransfer of fire department employeesNoticeTime limitation.
HTMLPDF 35.10.550ConsolidationWards.


Census to be conducted in decennial periods: State Constitution Art. 2 § 3.
Consolidation and annexation exempt from state environmental policy act: RCW 43.21C.225.
Population determinations: Chapter 43.62 RCW.
Procedure to attack consolidation or annexation affecting a city of the second class: RCW 35.23.545.