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Report requirementsDisclosure of informationRules.

(1) Each licensee shall submit to the director, in a form approved by the director, a report containing financial statements covering the calendar year or, if the licensee has an established fiscal year, then for such fiscal year, within one hundred five days after the close of each calendar or fiscal year. The licensee shall also file such additional relevant information as the director may require. Any information provided by a licensee in an annual report that constitutes a trade secret under chapter 19.108 RCW is exempt from disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW, unless aggregated with information supplied by other licensees in such a manner that the licensee's individual information is not identifiable. Any information provided by the licensee that allows identification of the licensee may only be used for purposes reasonably related to the regulation of licensees to ensure compliance with this chapter.
(2) A licensee whose license has been suspended or revoked shall submit to the director, at the licensee's expense, within one hundred five days after the effective date of such surrender or revocation, a closing audit report containing audited financial statements as of such effective date for the twelve months ending with such effective date.
(3) The director shall adopt rules specifying the form and content of such audit reports and may require additional reporting as is necessary for the director to ensure compliance with this chapter.
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