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Requirements for accepting deposits or transacting business.

A branch shall not commence to transact in this state the business of accepting deposits or transact such business thereafter unless it has met the following requirements:
(1) It has obtained federal deposit insurance corporation insurance covering its eligible deposit liabilities within this state, or in lieu thereof, made arrangements satisfactory to the director for maintenance within this state of additional capital equal to not less than five percent of its deposit liabilities, computed on the basis of the average daily net deposit balances covering semimonthly periods as prescribed by the director. Such additional capital shall be deposited in the manner provided in RCW 30A.42.070.
(2) It holds in this state currency, bonds, notes, debentures, drafts, bills of exchange, or other evidences of indebtedness or other obligations payable in the United States or in United States funds or, with the approval of the director, in funds freely convertible into United States funds or such other assets as are approved by the director, in an amount not less than one hundred percent of the aggregate amount of liabilities of such alien bank payable at or through its office in this state. When calculating the value of the assets so held, credit shall be given for the amounts deposited pursuant to RCW 30A.42.060(3) and 30A.42.120(1), but there shall be excluded all amounts due from the head office and any other branch, agency, or other office or wholly-owned subsidiary of the bank, except those amounts due from such offices or subsidiaries located within the United States and payable in United States dollars.
(3) If deposits are not insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation, then that fact shall be disclosed to all depositors pursuant to rules of the director.
(4) If the branch conducts an international banking facility, the deposits of which are exempt from reserve requirements of the federal reserve banking system, the liabilities of that facility shall be excluded from the deposit and other liabilities of the branch for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section.


Effective date1982 c 95: See note following RCW 30A.42.070.
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