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Approval of applicationCriteriaReciprocity.

The director may give or withhold his or her approval of an application by an alien bank to establish an office in this state at his or her discretion. The director's decision shall be based on the information submitted to his or her office in the application required by RCW 30A.42.060 and such additional investigation as the director deems necessary or appropriate. Prior to granting approval to said application, the director shall have ascertained to his or her satisfaction that all of the following are true:
(1) The proposed location offers a reasonable promise of adequate support for the proposed office;
(2) The proposed office is not being formed for other than legitimate objects;
(3) The proposed officers of the proposed office have sufficient banking experience and ability to afford reasonable promise of successful operation;
(4) The reputation and financial standing of the alien bank is such as to command the confidence and warrant belief that the business of the proposed office will be conducted honestly and efficiently in accordance with the intent and purpose of this chapter, as set forth in RCW 30A.42.010;
(5) The principal purpose of establishing such office shall be within the intent of this chapter.
The director shall not grant an application for an office of an alien bank unless the law of the foreign country under which laws the alien bank is organized permits a bank with its principal place of business in this state to establish in that foreign country a branch, agency or similar operation.
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