Chapter 30A.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 30A.38.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.010Out-of-state bank may engage in banking in this stateConditionsDirector's approval of interstate combination.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.015Out-of-state bank without a branch in this stateOptionsDirector's approval required, conditions.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.020Out-of-state bank with host branchesRelocation of head officeReincorporationApplicationDirector's approval required.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.030Out-of-state bank may maintain and operate branchesPowers and authorities.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.040Examinations of any branch of an out-of-state state bankReporting requirements for any branch of an out-of-state bankSupervisory agreementsJoint examinations or enforcement actionsAssessments.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.050Branch of out-of-state state bankViolationsUnsafe and unsound operationsEnforcement actionsNotice to home state regulator.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.060Rules.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.070Out-of-state state bank becomes resulting bankBranches in this stateRCW 30A.49.125(5) does not applyWhen established and maintainedNotice to director.
HTMLPDF 30A.38.080Application of Washington lawsDeclaration of invalidity.