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Use of words indicating bank or trust companyPenalty.

(1) The name of every bank shall contain the word "bank" and the name of every trust company shall contain the word "trust," or the word "bank." Except as provided in RCW 33.08.030 or as otherwise authorized by this section or approved by the director, only a national bank, federal savings bank, a bank or trust company, savings bank under Title 32 RCW, bank holding company or financial holding company, a holding company authorized by this title or Title 32 RCW, or a foreign or alien corporation or other legal person authorized by this title to do so, shall:
(a) Use as a part of his or her or its name or other business designation, as a prominent syllable within a word comprising all or a portion of its name or other business designation, or in any manner as if connected with his or her or its business or place of business any of the following words or the plural thereof, to wit: "bank," "banking," "banker," "bancorporation," "bancorp," or "trust," or any foreign language designations thereof, including, by way of example, "banco" or "banque."
(b) Use any sign, logo, or marketing message, in any media, or use any letterhead, billhead, note, receipt, certificate, blank, form, or any written, printed, electronic or internet-based instrument or material representation whatsoever, directly or indirectly indicating that the business of such person is that of a bank or trust company.
(2) A foreign corporation or other foreign domiciled legal person, whose name contains the words "bank," "banker," "banking," "bancorporation," "bancorp," or "trust," or the foreign language equivalent thereof, or whose articles of incorporation empower it to engage in banking or to engage in a trust business, may not engage in banking or in a trust business in this state unless the corporation or other legal person (a) is expressly authorized to do so under this title, under federal law, or by the director, and (b) complies with all applicable requirements of Washington state law regarding foreign corporations and other foreign legal persons. If an activity would not constitute "transacting business" within the meaning of RCW 23B.15.010(1) or chapter 23B.18 RCW, then the activity shall not constitute banking or engaging in a trust business. Nothing in this subsection shall prevent operations by an alien bank in compliance with chapter 30A.42 RCW.
(3) This section shall not prevent a lender approved by the United States secretary of housing and urban development for participation in any mortgage insurance program under the National Housing Act from using the words "mortgage banker" or "mortgage banking" in the conduct of its business, but only if both words are used together in either of the forms which appear in quotations in this sentence.
(4) Any individual or legal person, or director, officer, or manager of such legal person, who knowingly violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.


Effective date2010 c 88: See RCW 32.50.900.
FindingsConstruction1994 c 256: See RCW 43.320.007.
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