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Chapter 29A.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 29A.12.005"Voting system."
HTMLPDF 29A.12.010Authority for use.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.020Inspection and test by secretary of stateReport.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.030Submitting system or component for examination.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.040Independent evaluation.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.050Approval requiredModification.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.060Maintenance and operation.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.070Acceptance and vulnerability tests.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.080Requirements for approval.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.085Paper record.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.101Requirements of tallying systems for approval.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.110Record of programmingDevices sealed.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.120Counting center personnelInstruction, requirements.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.130Tallying systemsProgramming tests.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.140Operating procedures.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.150Recording requirements.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.160Blind or visually impaired voter accessibility.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.180Disclosure of security breaches by manufacturer or distributor.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.190Decertification.
HTMLPDF 29A.12.200Security breach identification and reporting.