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Costs borne by constituencies.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 2421-S.SL) ***
Every city, town, and district is liable for its proportionate share of the costs when such elections are held in conjunction with other elections held under RCW 29A.04.321 and 29A.04.330.
Whenever any city, town, or district holds any primary or election, general or special, on an isolated date, all costs of such elections must be borne by the city, town, or district concerned.
The purpose of this section is to clearly establish that the county is not responsible for any costs involved in the holding of any city, town, or district election.
In recovering such election expenses, including a reasonable pro-ration of administrative costs, the county auditor shall certify the cost to the county treasurer with a copy to the clerk or auditor of the city, town, or district concerned. Upon receipt of such certification, the county treasurer shall make the transfer from any available and appropriate city, town, or district funds to the county current expense fund or to the county election reserve fund if such a fund is established. Each city, town, or district must be promptly notified by the county treasurer whenever such transfer has been completed. However, in those districts wherein a treasurer, other than the county treasurer, has been appointed such transfer procedure does not apply, but the district shall promptly issue its warrant for payment of election costs.


Diking districts, election to authorize, costs: RCW 85.38.060.
Diking or drainage district, reorganization into improvement district
1917 act, election to authorize: RCW 85.38.060.
1933 act, election to authorize: RCW 85.38.060.
Expense of printing and mailing ballots, envelopes, and instructions: RCW 29A.36.220.
Port districts, formation of, election on, expense of: RCW 53.04.070.
Public utility district elections, expense of: RCW 54.08.041.
Reclamation districts of one million acres, election to form, expense: RCW 89.30.115.
Soil and water conservation district, election to form, expense: RCW 89.08.140.
Water-sewer districts
annexation of territory by, election on, expense: RCW 57.24.050.
formation of, expense: RCW 57.04.055.
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