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Information provided to students on tuition billing statements or websiteNotice of federal educational tax credits.

(1) In addition to the requirement in *RCW 28B.76.300(4), institutions of higher education shall disclose to their undergraduate resident students on the tuition billing statement, in dollar figures for a full-time equivalent student:
(a) The full cost of instruction;
(b) The amount collected from student tuition and fees; and
(c) The difference between the amounts for the full cost of instruction and the student tuition and fees.
(2) The tuition billing statement shall note that the difference between the cost and tuition under subsection (1)(c) of this section was paid by state tax funds and other moneys.
(3) Beginning in the 2010-11 academic year, the amount determined in subsection (1)(c) of this section shall be labeled an "opportunity pathway" on the tuition billing statement.
(4) Beginning in the 2010-11 academic year, institutions of higher education shall label financial aid awarded to resident undergraduate students as an "opportunity pathway" on the tuition billing statement or financial aid award notification. Aid granted to students outside of the financial aid package provided through the institution of higher education and loans provided by the federal government are not subject to the labeling provisions in this subsection. All other aid from all sources including federal, state, and local governments, local communities, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and institutions of higher education must be included. The disclosure requirements specified in this section do not change the source, award amount, student eligibility, or student obligations associated with each award. Institutions of higher education retain the ability to customize their tuition billing statements to inform students of the assistance source, amount, and type so long as provisions of this section are also fulfilled.
(5) Institutions of higher education shall provide the following information to all undergraduate resident students either on the tuition billing statement or via a link to a website detailing the following information:
(a) The sources of all institutional revenue received during the prior academic or fiscal year, including but not limited to state, federal, local, and private sources;
(b) The uses of tuition revenue collected during the prior academic or fiscal year by program category as determined by the office of financial management; and
(c) The accountability and performance data under **RCW 28B.76.270.
(6) The tuition billing statement disclosures shall be in twelve-point type and boldface type where appropriate.
(7) All tuition billing statements or financial aid award notifications at institutions of higher education must notify resident undergraduate students of federal tax credits related to higher education for which they may be eligible.


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 28B.76.300 was repealed by 2011 1st sp.s. c 11 s 245.
**(2) RCW 28B.76.270 was recodified as RCW 28B.77.090 pursuant to 2012 c 229 s 904.
FindingsIntentShort title2011 1st sp.s. c 10: See notes following RCW 28B.15.031.
FindingsIntentEffective date2009 c 215: See notes following RCW 28B.92.030.
Captions not law2007 c 151: "Captions used in this act are not any part of the law." [ 2007 c 151 s 3.]
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