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Allotment of appropriations for school plant facilitiesApplication by district for state assistanceStudies and surveys by the superintendent of public instruction.

All applications by school districts for state assistance in providing school plant facilities shall be made to the superintendent of public instruction in conformity with rules adopted by the superintendent of public instruction, considering policy recommendations from the school facilities citizen advisory panel. Studies and surveys shall be conducted by the superintendent for the purpose of securing information relating to (a) [(1)] the kind and extent of the school plant facilities required and the urgency of need for such facilities in districts that seek state assistance, (b) [(2)] the ability of such districts to provide capital funds by local effort, (c) [(3)] the need for improvement of school administrative units and school attendance areas among or within such districts, and (d) [(4)] any other pertinent matters.


FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.
Severability1969 ex.s. c 244: See note following RCW 28A.525.162.
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