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Admission to schoolsChildren on United States reservationsIdaho residents with Washington addresses.

(1) Any child who is of school age and otherwise eligible residing within the boundaries of any military, naval, lighthouse, or other United States reservation, national park, or national forest or residing upon rented or leased undeeded lands within any Indian reservation within the state of Washington, shall be admitted to the public school, or schools, of any contiguous district without payment of tuition: PROVIDED, That the United States authorities in charge of such reservation or park shall cooperate fully with state, county, and school district authorities in the enforcement of the laws of this state relating to the compulsory attendance of children of school age, and all laws relating to and regulating school attendance.
(2) Any child who is of school age and otherwise eligible, residing in a home that is located in Idaho but that has a Washington address for the purposes of the United States postal service, shall be admitted, without payment of tuition, to the nearest Washington school district and shall be considered a resident student for state apportionment and all other purposes.
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