Chapter 26.26B RCW



HTMLPDF 26.26B.010Mandatory use of approved forms.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.020Judgment or order determining parent and child relationshipSupport judgment and ordersResidential provisionsCustodyRestraining ordersNotice of modification or termination of restraining order.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.030Support ordersCompliance with RCW 26.23.050.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.040Support ordersTime limit, exception.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.050Restraining orderKnowing violationPenaltyLaw enforcement immunity.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.060Costs.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.070Proof of certain support and parentage establishment costs.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.080Enforcement of judgments or orders.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.090Modification of judgment or orderContinuing jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.100Health care coverage.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.110Relinquishment of child for adoptionNotice to other parent.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.120Parenting planDesignation of parent for other state and federal purposes.
HTMLPDF 26.26B.130Judicial proceedings for parenting and support of a child.