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Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered support order.

(1) A nonregistering party seeking to contest the validity or enforcement of a registered support order in this state shall request a hearing within the time required by RCW 26.21A.520. The nonregistering party may seek to vacate the registration, to assert any defense to an allegation of noncompliance with the registered order, or to contest the remedies being sought or the amount of any alleged arrearages pursuant to RCW 26.21A.530.
(2) If the nonregistering party fails to contest the validity or enforcement of the registered order in a timely manner, the order is confirmed by operation of law.
(3) If a nonregistering party requests a hearing to contest the validity or enforcement of the registered order, the registering tribunal shall schedule the matter for hearing and give notice to the parties of the date, time, and place of the hearing.


Effective dateConflict with federal requirementsWaiver2015 c 214: See notes following RCW 26.21A.010.
Denial of waiver2015 c 214: See note following RCW 26.21A.115.
Effective date2002 c 198: See RCW 26.21A.900.
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