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*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 6028-S.SL) ***
(1) A shareholder may vote the shareholder's shares in person or by proxy.
(2) A shareholder or the shareholder's agent or attorney-in-fact may appoint a proxy to vote or otherwise act for the shareholder by:
(a) Executing a writing authorizing another person or persons to act for the shareholder as proxy. Execution may be accomplished by the shareholder or the shareholder's authorized officer, director, employee, or agent signing the writing or causing his or her signature to be affixed to the writing by any reasonable means including, but not limited to, by facsimile signature; or
(b) Authorizing another person or persons to act for the shareholder as proxy by transmitting or authorizing the transmission of a recorded telephone call, voice mail, or other electronic transmission to the person who will be the holder of the proxy or to a proxy solicitation firm, proxy support service organization, or like agent duly authorized by the person who will be the holder of the proxy to receive the transmission, provided that the transmission must either set forth or be submitted with information, including any security or validation controls used, from which it can reasonably be determined that the transmission was authorized by the shareholder. If it is determined that the transmission is valid, the inspectors of election or, if there are no inspectors, any officer or agent of the corporation making that determination on behalf of the corporation shall specify the information upon which they relied. The corporation shall require the holders of proxies received by transmission to provide to the corporation copies of the transmission and the corporation shall retain copies of the transmission for a reasonable period of time after the election provided that they are retained for at least sixty days.
(3) An appointment of a proxy is effective when a signed appointment form or telegram, cablegram, recorded telephone call, voice mail, or other transmission of the appointment is received by the inspectors of election or the officer or agent of the corporation authorized to tabulate votes. An appointment is valid for eleven months unless a longer period is expressly provided in the appointment.
(4) An appointment of a proxy is revocable by the shareholder unless the appointment indicates that it is irrevocable and the appointment is coupled with an interest. Appointments coupled with an interest include the appointment of:
(a) A pledgee;
(b) A person who purchased or agreed to purchase the shares;
(c) A creditor of the corporation who extended it credit under terms requiring the appointment;
(d) An employee of the corporation whose employment contract requires the appointment; or
(e) A party to a voting agreement created under RCW 23B.07.310.
(5) The death or incapacity of the shareholder appointing a proxy does not affect the right of the corporation to accept the proxy's authority unless notice of the death or incapacity is received by the officer or agent of the corporation authorized to tabulate votes before the proxy exercises the proxy's authority under the appointment.
(6) An appointment made irrevocable under subsection (4) of this section is revoked when the interest with which it is coupled is extinguished.
(7) A transferee for value of shares subject to an irrevocable appointment may revoke the appointment if the transferee did not know of its existence when the transferee acquired the shares and the existence of the irrevocable appointment was not noted conspicuously on the certificate representing the shares or on the information statement for shares without certificates.
(8) Subject to RCW 23B.07.240 and to any express limitation on the proxy's authority stated in the appointment form or recorded telephone call, voice mail, or other electronic transmission, a corporation is entitled to accept the proxy's vote or other action as that of the shareholder making the appointment.
(9) For the purposes of this section only, "sign" or "signature" includes any manual, facsimile, conformed, or electronic signature.
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