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Inspection or grading of commoditiesFees and charges.

(1) The department shall fix the fees for inspection, grading, and weighing of the commodities included under the provisions of this chapter, which fees shall be sufficient to cover the cost of such service. The fees for inspection, weighing, and grading of such commodities shall be a lien upon the commodity so weighed, graded, or inspected which the department may require to be paid by the carrier or agent transporting the same and treated by it as an advanced charge, except when the bill of lading contains the notation "not for terminal weight and grade," and the commodity is not unloaded at a terminal warehouse.
(2) The department is authorized to make any tests relating to grade or quality of commodities covered by this chapter. The department may inspect and approve facilities and vessels to be used in transporting such commodities and provide any other necessary services. It may fix and charge a reasonable fee to be collected from the person or his or her agent requesting such service.
(3) The department shall so adjust the fees to be collected under this chapter as to meet the expenses necessary to carry out the provisions hereof, and may prescribe a different scale of fees for different localities. The department may also prescribe a reasonable charge for service performed at places other than terminal warehouses in addition to the regular fees when necessary to avoid rendering the services at a loss to the state.
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