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Chapter 19.405 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.405.010FindingsIntent2019 c 288.
HTMLPDF 19.405.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.405.030Coal-fired resourcesDepreciation schedulePenalties.
HTMLPDF 19.405.040Greenhouse gas neutralityResponsibilities for electric utilitiesEnergy transformation project criteriaPenalties.
HTMLPDF 19.405.050Clean energy implementationHydroelectric facilitiesSpecial contracts.
HTMLPDF 19.405.060Clean energy implementation planCompliance criteriaIncremental cost of compliance.
HTMLPDF 19.405.070Greenhouse gas content calculation.
HTMLPDF 19.405.080Report to legislature.
HTMLPDF 19.405.090Compliance, enforcement, and penaltiesAlternatives.
HTMLPDF 19.405.100Rule making.
HTMLPDF 19.405.110Relationship to the energy independence act.
HTMLPDF 19.405.120Energy assistance for low-income households.
HTMLPDF 19.405.130Stakeholder work group.
HTMLPDF 19.405.140Department of healthCumulative impact analysis.
HTMLPDF 19.405.160Declaratory order.
HTMLPDF 19.405.170Declaratory orderApplication feePreemption.
HTMLPDF 19.405.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 19.405.901Effective date2019 c 288.