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Portable oil-fueled heatersRequirements for approval.

Approved portable oil-fueled heaters must adhere to the following requirements:
(1) Labeling must be affixed to the heater to caution and inform the user concerning:
(a) The necessity for an adequate source of ventilation when the heater is operating;
(b) The use of suitable fuel;
(c) The proper manner of refueling;
(d) The proper placement and handling of the heater when in operation; and
(e) The proper procedures for lighting, flame regulation, and extinguishing the heater.
(2) Packaging must include instructions that will inform the purchaser of proper maintenance and operation.
(3) Approved portable oil-fueled heaters must be constructed with a low center of gravity and minimum tipping angle of thirty-three degrees from the vertical with an empty reservoir.
(4) Approved portable oil-fueled heaters must have an automatic safety shut-off device or inherent design feature which eliminates fire hazards in the event of tipover and must otherwise conform with the standards set forth in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) No. 31.
(5) Approved portable oil-fueled heaters must not produce carbon monoxide at rates creating a hazard when operated as intended and instructed.
[ 1983 c 134 § 4. Formerly RCW 19.27.440.]
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