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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout RCW 19.27A.080 through 19.27A.120.
(1) "Portable oil-fueled heater" means any nonflue-connected, self-contained, self-supporting, oil-fueled, heating appliance equipped with an integral reservoir, designed to be carried from one location to another.
(2) "Oil" means any liquid fuel with a flash point of greater than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, including but not limited to kerosene.
(3) "Listed" means any portable oil-fueled heater which has been evaluated in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. standard for portable oil-fueled heaters or an equivalent standard and with respect to reasonably foreseeable hazards to life and property by a nationally recognized testing or inspection agency, such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and which has been authorized as being reasonably safe for its specific purpose and shown in a list published by such agency and/or bears the mark, name, and/or symbol of such agency as indication that it has been so authorized. Such evaluation shall include but not be limited to evaluation of the requirements hereinafter set forth.
(4) "Approved" means any listed portable oil-fueled heater which is deemed approved if it satisfies the requirements set forth herein or adopted under RCW 19.27A.080 through 19.27A.120 and if the supplier certifies to the authority having jurisdiction over the sale and use of the heater that it is listed and in compliance with RCW 19.27A.080 through 19.27A.120.
(5) "Structure" means any building or completed construction of any kind included in state building code groups M, R-1, R-3, B, F, S-1, S-2, and U occupancies, except sleeping rooms and bathrooms: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in B, M, and S-1 occupancies, approved portable oil-fueled heaters shall only be used under permit of the fire chief.
(6) "Supplier" means any party offering to sell to retailers or to the general public approved portable oil-fueled heaters.
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