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Brokers and managing brokersTermination of affiliation with firmNotice.

The licenses of a real estate broker and managing broker shall be kept at all times by their firm and when real estate brokers or managing brokers cease to represent the firm, their licenses shall cease to be in force. Brokers and managing brokers must submit written notification to the designated broker for their firm when they terminate affiliation with their firm. The firm, through the designated broker, shall give notice to the director and such notice shall be accompanied by and include the surrender of the broker's or managing broker's license. Failure of any designated broker for the firm to promptly notify the director of a broker's or managing broker's termination after demand by the affected broker or managing broker shall be grounds for disciplinary action against the firm and designated broker. Upon application of the broker or managing broker, and the payment of a fee as prescribed by the director by rule, the director shall issue a new license for the unexpired term, if the broker or managing broker is otherwise entitled thereto. When the firm terminates a broker's or managing broker's services for a violation of this chapter, or chapter 18.86 or 18.235 RCW, the firm shall immediately file a written statement of the facts in reference thereto with the director.
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