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BudgetReport to the legislature.

(1) The budget required in RCW 16.67.090(8) must set forth the complete and detailed financial program of the commission, showing the revenues and expenditures of the commission. The budget must be explanatory, describing how the funding is used to administer and implement the commission's programs and priorities, and include the reasons for salient changes from the previous fiscal period in expenditure or revenue items. The budget must explain any major changes to financial policy and contain an outline of the proposed financial policies of the commission for the ensuing fiscal period and describe performance indicators that demonstrate measurable progress toward the commission's priorities.
(2) The budget must be sufficiently detailed to provide transparency for the commission's actions on behalf of the industry.
(3) The commission must submit to the legislature a concise yet detailed report of the commission's activities and expenditures after the completion of each fiscal year.
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