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Custom slaughtering and custom meat licensesGenerally.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to operate as a custom farm slaughterer or to operate a custom slaughtering establishment or custom meat facility in the state without first obtaining a license from the director. Custom farm slaughterers must obtain a separate license for each mobile unit. Separate licenses are required for each custom slaughtering establishment and custom meat facility.
(2) Application for a license must be made on a form prescribed by the director and accompanied by a twenty-five dollar license fee. The application must include:
(a) The full name and address of the applicant. If the applicant is a partnership or corporation, the application must include the full name and address of each partner or officer;
(b) The physical location address of each establishment or facility to be licensed;
(c) The name and address of a resident of this state authorized to accept legal notices for the applicant; and
(d) Any other information prescribed by the director.
(3) If an application for renewal of a license and the license fee are not received by June 30th, the applicant must pay an additional fee of twenty-five dollars before the renewal license is issued.
(4) Initial issuance of a license requires a prelicense inspection by the director for compliance with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter. A license shall only be issued after an applicant is found to be in substantial compliance with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.
(5) Licenses issued under this chapter expire June 30th of each year.
(6) Licenses issued under this chapter are not transferable.


Savings1987 c 77: See note following RCW 16.49.015.
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