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Stock on highway right-of-wayLimitations.

It shall be unlawful for any person to herd or move any livestock over, along or across the right-of-way of any public highway, or portion thereof, within any stock restricted area, without having in attendance a sufficient number of persons to control the movement of such livestock and to warn or otherwise protect vehicles traveling upon such public highway from any danger by reason of such livestock being herded or moved thereon.
[ 1989 c 286 s 10; 1937 c 189 s 127; RRS s 6360-127, part. Prior: 1927 c 309 s 41, part; RRS s 6362-41, part. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1937 c 40 s 6; RRS s 3070-3, now codified as RCW 16.24.065. Formerly RCW 16.24.070 and 16.24.080.]


Severability1989 c 286: See note following RCW 16.04.010.
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