Chapter 16.08 RCW



16.08.010Liability for injury to stock by dogs.
16.08.020Dogs injuring stock may be killed.
16.08.030Marauding dogDuty of owner to kill.
16.08.040Dog bitesLiability.
16.08.050Entrance on private property, when lawful.
16.08.060Provocation as a defense.
16.08.070Dangerous dogs and related definitions.
16.08.080Dangerous dogsNotice to ownersRight of appealCertificate of registration requiredSurety bondLiability insuranceRestrictions.
16.08.090Dangerous dogsRequirements for restraintPotentially dangerous dogsDogs not declared dangerous.
16.08.100Dangerous dogsConfiscationConditionsDuties of animal control authorityPenalties and affirmative defenses for owners of dogs that attackDog fights, penalty.
16.08.110Breed-based regulations.