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Dependent childrenInformation sharingGuidelines.

In order to facilitate communication of information needed to serve the best interest of any child who is the subject of a dependency case filed under this chapter, the department shall, consistent with state and federal law governing the release of confidential information, establish guidelines, and shall use those guidelines for the facilitation of communication of relevant information among divisions, providers, the courts, the family, caregivers, caseworkers, and others.


Finding2001 c 52: "Recent analysis of the child dependency system following the death of Zy'Nyia Nobles indicated poor communication of relevant information from the courts, to the department, within programs between caseworkers, between divisions, among specialists, caregivers, and family. Appropriate service delivery necessitates communication of relevant information. Barriers to appropriate communication must be eliminated." [ 2001 c 52 s 1.]
Construction2001 c 52: "Nothing in this act shall be construed to create a private right of action or claim against the department of social and health services on the part of any individual or organization." [ 2001 c 52 s 4.]
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