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Inpatient mental health treatmentWhen parental consent requiredHearing.

The department shall obtain the prior consent of a child's parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian before a dependent child is admitted into an inpatient mental health treatment facility. If the child's parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian is unavailable or does not agree with the proposed admission, the department shall request a hearing and provide notice to all interested parties to seek prior approval of the juvenile court before such admission. In the event that an emergent situation creating a risk of substantial harm to the health and welfare of a child in the custody of the department does not allow time for the department to obtain prior approval or to request a court hearing before consenting to the admission of the child into an inpatient mental health hospital, the department shall seek court approval by requesting that a hearing be set on the first available court date.


Intent1999 c 188: "It is the intent of the legislature that minor children in the care and custody of the department of social and health services under chapter 13.34 RCW be provided the most appropriate possible mental health care consistent with the child's best interests, family reconciliation, the child's medical need for mental health treatment, available state and community resources, and professional standards of medical care. The legislature intends that admission of such minors for mental health hospitalization be made pursuant to the criteria and standards for mental health services for minors established in chapter 71.34 RCW, and that minor children in the care and custody of the department in need of mental health hospitalization shall retain all rights set forth therein. The legislature specifically intends that this act may not be construed to affect the standards or procedures established for the involuntary commitment of minors under chapter 71.34 RCW." [ 1999 c 188 s 1.]
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