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Proceedings to secure compliance and proper trust administrationAttorney general to be notified of judicial proceedings involving charitable trustPowers and duties additional.

The attorney general may institute appropriate proceedings to secure compliance with this chapter and to secure the proper administration of any trust or other relationship to which this chapter applies. He or she shall be notified of all judicial proceedings involving or affecting the charitable trust or its administration in which, at common law, he or she is a necessary or proper party as representative of the public beneficiaries. The notification shall be given as provided in RCW 11.96A.110, but this notice requirement may be waived at the discretion of the attorney general. The powers and duties of the attorney general provided in this chapter are in addition to his or her existing powers and duties, and are not to be construed to limit or to restrict the exercise of the powers or the performance of the duties of the attorney general or of any prosecuting attorney which they may exercise or perform under any other provision of law. Except as provided herein, nothing in this chapter shall impair or restrict the jurisdiction of any court with respect to any of the matters covered by it.


Effective date1999 c 42: See RCW 11.96A.902.
Short titleApplicationPurposeSeverability1985 c 30: See RCW 11.02.900 through 11.02.903.
SeverabilityEffective dates1984 c 149: See notes following RCW 11.02.005.
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