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Nonprobate assets.

(1) If abatement is necessary among takers of a nonprobate asset, the court shall adopt the abatement order and limitations set out in RCW 11.10.010, 11.10.020, and 11.10.030, assigning categories in accordance with subsection (2) of this section.
(2) A nonprobate transfer must be categorized for purposes of abatement, within the list of priorities set out in RCW 11.10.010(1), as follows:
(a) All nonprobate forms of transfer under which an identifiable nonprobate asset passes to a beneficiary or beneficiaries on the event of the decedent's death, such as, but not limited to, joint tenancies and payable-on-death accounts, are categorized as specific bequests.
(b) With respect to all other interests passing under nonprobate forms of transfer, each must be categorized in the manner that is most closely comparable to the nature of the transfer of that interest.
(3) If and to the extent that a nonprobate asset is subject to the same obligations as are assets disposed of under the decedent's will, the nonprobate assets abate ratably with the probate assets, within the categories set out in subsection (2) of this section.
(4) If the nonprobate instrument of transfer or the decedent's will expresses a different order of abatement, or if the decedent's overall dispositive plan or the express or implied purpose of the transfer would be defeated by the order of abatement stated in subsections (1) through (3) of this section, the nonprobate assets abate as may be found necessary to give effect to the intention of the decedent.


Effective dates1994 c 221: See note following RCW 11.100.035.
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