Chapter 10.77 RCW



HTMLPDF 10.77.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 10.77.020Rights of person under this chapter.
HTMLPDF 10.77.025Maximum term of commitment or treatment.
HTMLPDF 10.77.027Eligible for commitment regardless of cause.
HTMLPDF 10.77.030Establishing insanity as a defense.
HTMLPDF 10.77.040Instructions to jury on special verdict.
HTMLPDF 10.77.050Mental incapacity as bar to proceedings.
HTMLPDF 10.77.060Plea of not guilty due to insanityDoubt as to competencyEvaluationBailReportCompetency to stand trial status check.
HTMLPDF 10.77.065Mental condition evaluationsReports and recommendations requiredDischarge of defendant when determined competent to stand trial.
HTMLPDF 10.77.068Competency to stand trial, admissions for inpatient competency restoration servicesPerformance targets and maximum time limitsDuties of the departmentReportNew entitlement or cause of action not createdNo basis for contempt or motion to dismiss.
HTMLPDF 10.77.070Examination rights of defendant's expert or professional person.
HTMLPDF 10.77.072Forensic navigator programForensic navigator dutiesDiversion program.
HTMLPDF 10.77.074Competency evaluationForensic navigator.
HTMLPDF 10.77.075Competency evaluation or competency restoration treatmentCourt order.
HTMLPDF 10.77.078Competency evaluation or restoration servicesOffer of admissionCity or county jail to transport defendant.
HTMLPDF 10.77.079Competency to stand trialContinuation of competency process, dismissal of chargesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 10.77.080Motion for acquittal on grounds of insanityHearingFindings.
HTMLPDF 10.77.084Stay of proceedingsTreatmentRestoration of competencyCommitmentOther procedures.
HTMLPDF 10.77.0845Evaluation and determination of individual with developmental disabilityProgram placementAdmissions, limitation.
HTMLPDF 10.77.086Competency restorationProcedure in felony charge.
HTMLPDF 10.77.088Competency restorationProcedure in nonfelony charge.
HTMLPDF 10.77.0885Program placementOutpatientPrescriber access.
HTMLPDF 10.77.089Competency restorationReport to the governor and legislature.
HTMLPDF 10.77.091PlacementSecure facilityTreatment and rightsCustodyReports.
HTMLPDF 10.77.092Involuntary medicationSerious offenses.
HTMLPDF 10.77.093Involuntary medicationCivil commitment.
HTMLPDF 10.77.094Antipsychotic medication, administration.
HTMLPDF 10.77.0942MedicationWhen substitution permitted.
HTMLPDF 10.77.095FindingsDevelopmental disabilities.
HTMLPDF 10.77.097Records and reports accompany defendant upon transfer.
HTMLPDF 10.77.100Experts or professional persons as witnesses.
HTMLPDF 10.77.110Acquittal of crime.
HTMLPDF 10.77.120Care and treatment of committed personHearingsRelease.
HTMLPDF 10.77.132Treatment and trainingPersons with developmental disabilities.
HTMLPDF 10.77.140Periodic examinationsPersons with developmental disabilityReportsNotice to court.
HTMLPDF 10.77.145Authorization to leave facility where person is confined prohibitedExceptionsApproval by secretaryNotification to county or city law enforcement agency.
HTMLPDF 10.77.150Conditional releaseApplicationSecretary's recommendationOrderProcedure.
HTMLPDF 10.77.152Conditional releaseApplicationCounty of origin.
HTMLPDF 10.77.155Conditional release, furloughSecretary's recommendation.
HTMLPDF 10.77.160Conditional releaseReports.
HTMLPDF 10.77.163FurloughNoticeTemporary restraining order.
HTMLPDF 10.77.165Escape or disappearanceNotification requirements.
HTMLPDF 10.77.170Payments to conditionally released persons.
HTMLPDF 10.77.175Conditional releasePlanningLess restrictive alternative treatment.
HTMLPDF 10.77.180Conditional releasePeriodic review of case.
HTMLPDF 10.77.190Conditional releaseRevocation or modification of termsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 10.77.195Conditional releaseCourt approvalComplianceSecretary to coordinate with designated treatment providers, department of corrections staff, and local law enforcementRules.
HTMLPDF 10.77.200ReleaseProcedure.
HTMLPDF 10.77.202Individuals not competent to stand trial and not restorable.
HTMLPDF 10.77.205Sexual or violent offendersNotice of release, escape, etc.Definitions.
HTMLPDF 10.77.207Persons acquitted of sex offense due to insanityRelease of information authorized.
HTMLPDF 10.77.210Right to adequate care and treatmentRecords and reports.
HTMLPDF 10.77.2101Implementation of legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 10.77.220Incarceration in correctional institution or facility prohibitedExceptions.
HTMLPDF 10.77.230Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 10.77.240Existing rights not affected.
HTMLPDF 10.77.250Responsibility for costsReimbursement.
HTMLPDF 10.77.255Capital grants.
HTMLPDF 10.77.260Violent actPresumptions.
HTMLPDF 10.77.270Independent public safety review panelMembersSecretary to submit recommendationAccess to recordsSupport, rulesReport.
HTMLPDF 10.77.275Data collection.
HTMLPDF 10.77.280Office of forensic mental health services.
HTMLPDF 10.77.290Secretary to adopt rules2015 1st sp.s. c 7.
HTMLPDF 10.77.300Immunity from liabilityDetaining a person for medical clearance or treatment.
HTMLPDF 10.77.310Health care authority contractsCompensation of staff in outpatient competency restoration programs.
HTMLPDF 10.77.320Clinical intervention specialists.
HTMLPDF 10.77.940Equal application of 1989 c 420Evaluation for developmental disability.
HTMLPDF 10.77.950ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Rules of court: Cf. CrR 4.2(c).
Individuals with mental illness, commitment: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
Protocols required: RCW 71.05.214.