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(1) When the grand jury is impaneled, the court shall appoint one of the jurors to be foreperson, and also another of the jurors to act as foreperson in case of the absence of the foreperson.
(2) The grand jurors must be sworn pursuant to the following oath: "You, as grand jurors for the county of . . . . . ., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will diligently inquire into and true presentment make of all such matters and things as shall come to your knowledge and you will submit things truly as they come to your knowledge, according to your charge the laws of this state and your understanding; you shall indict no person through envy, hatred, malice or political consideration; neither will you leave any person unindicted through fear, favor, affection, reward or the hope thereof or political consideration. The counsel of the state, his or her advice, and that of your fellows you shall keep secret."
(3) After a grand jury has been sworn, the court must deliver or cause to be delivered to each grand juror a printed copy of all the provisions of this chapter, and the court may give the grand jurors any oral or written instructions, or both, relating to the proper performance of their duties at any time it deems necessary or appropriate.
(4) The court shall appoint a reporter to record the proceedings before the grand jury or special inquiry judge, and shall swear him or her not to disclose any testimony or the name of any witness except as provided in RCW 10.27.090. In addition, the foreperson of the grand jury may, in his or her discretion, select one of the grand jurors to act as secretary to keep records of the grand jury's business.
(5) The court, whenever necessary, shall appoint an interpreter, and shall swear him or her not to disclose any testimony or the name of any witness except as provided in RCW 10.27.090.
(6) When a person held in official custody is a witness before a grand jury or special inquiry judge, a public servant, assigned to guard him or her during his or her appearance may accompany him or her. The court shall swear such public servant not to disclose any testimony or the name of any witness except as provided in RCW 10.27.090.
(7) Proceedings of a grand jury shall not be valid unless at least twelve of its members are present. The foreperson or acting foreperson of the grand jury shall conduct proceedings in an orderly manner and shall administer an oath or affirmation in the manner prescribed by law to any witness who shall testify before the grand jury.
(8) The legal advisers of a grand jury are the court and public attorneys, and a grand jury may not seek or receive legal advice from any other source. When necessary or appropriate, the court or public attorneys or both must instruct the grand jury concerning the law with respect to its duties or any matter before it, and such instructions shall be recorded by the reporter.
(9)(a) Upon request of the prosecuting attorney of the county in which a grand jury or special inquiry judge is impaneled, the attorney general shall assist such prosecuting attorney in attending such grand jury or special inquiry judge.
(b) Whenever directed by the court, the attorney general shall supersede the prosecuting attorney in attending the grand jury and in which event the attorney general shall be responsible for the prosecution of any indictment returned by the grand jury.
(c) When the attorney general is conducting a criminal investigation pursuant to powers otherwise granted to him or her, he or she shall attend all grand juries or special inquiry judges in relation thereto and shall prosecute any indictments returned by a grand jury.
(10) After consulting with the court and receiving its approval, the grand jury may request the governor to appoint a special prosecutor to attend the grand jury. The grand jury shall in the request nominate three persons approved by the court. From those nominated, the governor shall appoint a special prosecutor, who shall supersede the prosecuting attorney and the attorney general and who shall be responsible for the prosecution of any indictments returned by the grand jury attended by him or her.
(11) A public attorney shall attend the grand jurors when requested by them, and he or she may do so on his or her own motion within the limitations of RCW 10.27.020(2), 10.27.070(9) and 10.27.070(10) hereof, for the purpose of examining witnesses in their presence, or of giving the grand jurors legal advice regarding any matter cognizable by them. He or she shall also, when requested by them, draft indictments and issue process for the attendance of witnesses.
(12) Subject to the approval of the court, the corporation counsel or city attorney for any city or town in the county where any grand jury has been convened may appear as a witness before the grand jury to advise the grand jury of any criminal activity or corruption within his or her jurisdiction.
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