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Remission of fines.

A defendant who has been ordered to pay fines and who has not willfully failed to pay the obligation, as described in RCW 9.94A.6333, 9.94B.040, and 10.01.180, may at any time petition the sentencing court for remission of the payment of fines or of any unpaid portion thereof. If it appears to the satisfaction of the court that payment of the amount due will impose manifest hardship on the defendant or the defendant's immediate family, the court may remit all or part of the amount due in fines, modify the method of payment under RCW 10.01.170, or convert the unpaid amounts to community restitution hours, if the jurisdiction operates a community restitution program, at the rate of no less than the state minimum wage established in RCW 49.46.020 for each hour of community restitution. Manifest hardship exists where the defendant is indigent as defined in RCW 10.01.160(3).


ConstructionEffective date2022 c 260: See notes following RCW 3.66.120.
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