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Diverse cultures and languages encouragedState policy.

The legislature finds that:
(1) Diverse ethnic and linguistic communities have contributed to the social and economic prosperity of Washington state;
(2) It is the welcomed responsibility and opportunity of this state to respect and facilitate the efforts of all cultural, ethnic, and linguistic segments of the population to become full participants in Washington communities;
(3) This state's economic well-being depends heavily on foreign trade and international exchange and more than one out of six jobs is directly linked to foreign trade and international exchange;
(4) If Washington is to prosper in foreign trade and international exchange, it must have citizens that are multilingual and multicultural;
(5) While recognizing the value of a multilingual background, the state also encourages all citizens to become proficient in English to facilitate full participation of all groups into society and to promote cross-communication between multilingual groups; and
(6) The multilingual nature of communication that currently exists in this state should be promoted to build trust and understanding among all of its citizens.
Therefore, it shall be the policy of the state of Washington to welcome and encourage the presence of diverse cultures and the use of diverse languages in business, government, and private affairs in this state.


Construction1989 c 236: "Nothing in section 1 of this act creates any right or cause of action or adds to any existing right or cause of action nor may it be relied upon to compel the establishment of any program or special entitlement." [ 1989 c 236 § 2.]
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