Chapter 70.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.24.005Transfer of duties to the department of health.
HTMLPDF 70.24.015Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 70.24.017Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.24.022Interviews, examination, counseling, or treatment of infected persons or persons believed to be infectedDissemination of false informationPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.24.024Orders for examinations and counselingInvestigationIssuance of health orderNotice and hearingException.
HTMLPDF 70.24.025Violations of health orderPenalties.
HTMLPDF 70.24.027Intentional transmission of HIVPenalties.
HTMLPDF 70.24.034DetentionGroundsOrderHearing.
HTMLPDF 70.24.050Diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseasesConfirmationAnonymous prevalence reports.
HTMLPDF 70.24.070Detention and treatment facilities.
HTMLPDF 70.24.080Penalty.
HTMLPDF 70.24.084Violations of chapterAggrieved personsRight of action.
HTMLPDF 70.24.090Pregnant womenTest for syphilis.
HTMLPDF 70.24.110MinorsTreatment, consent, liability for payment for care.
HTMLPDF 70.24.115Expedited partner therapyConditionsLiability limitedRules.
HTMLPDF 70.24.120Sexually transmitted disease case investigatorsAuthority to obtain specimens.
HTMLPDF 70.24.130Adoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 70.24.150Immunity of certain public employees.
HTMLPDF 70.24.220Sexually transmitted disease education in public schoolsFinding.
HTMLPDF 70.24.290Public school employeesRules for blood-borne pathogens education and training.
HTMLPDF 70.24.325TestingInsurance requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.24.340Employees' substantial exposure to bodily fluidsProcedure and court orders.
HTMLPDF 70.24.360Jail detaineesTesting of persons who present a possible risk.
HTMLPDF 70.24.370Correction facility inmatesTestingProcedure.
HTMLPDF 70.24.400Funding for office on AIDSCenter for AIDS educationDepartment's duties for awarding grants.
HTMLPDF 70.24.420Additional local funding of treatment programs not required.
HTMLPDF 70.24.430Application of chapter to persons subject to jurisdiction of department of corrections.
HTMLPDF 70.24.450ConfidentialityReportsUnauthorized disclosures.
HTMLPDF 70.24.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Center for volunteerism and citizen service: RCW 43.150.050.